Inclusions & Exclusions List

Sunshine Coast Bond Cleaning, Standard Inclusions & Exclusions

The following items are covered in a standard bond clean unless the situation or premises does not allow for completion as outlined in our Terms & Conditions. All cleaning is to remove basic dirt/grime and dust, it does not encompass stain removal on any surface.


General Cleaning, every room:

  • Dust and spot clean individual dirty marks on walls, doors, architraves and skirtings.
  • Remove cobwebs from around light fittings, doors, windows, vents and ceiling corners.
  • Standard windows and sliding doors, frames, tracks, inside and outside of glass, sills and gently wipe over flyscreens or security screens that are accessible.
  • Inside light fittings if they are easily removeable.
  • Inside, outside and fronts of cupboard, shelves and drawers that are accessible.
  • Air-conditioning units, including easily removable filters.
  • Light switches, power points and fans that are accessible.
  • Vacuum and mop floor.

In addition to the above;

  • Kitchen Specific Cleaning: One standard single oven, one standard cooktop, one standard dishwasher, one standard range hood/extractor fan and filters, benches, islands, peninsulas, kickboards, on top of cupboards if accessible, splash backs, sinks, drain holes and tapware.
  • Bathroom Specific Cleaning: Toilet, shower (not including staining or mould removal), shower glass, baths, drain holes, vanities, basins, tapware, kickboards, mirrors and frames, towel rails, exhaust fan and tiled walls.
  • Laundry Specific Cleaning: Laundry tub or basins, tapware, drain holes, benches and kickboards.
  • Bedroom Specific Cleaning: Wardrobe doors and tracks.

Optional Cleaning Extras

(extra charges apply, please advise us at time of quoting if you require any of these services)

Full wall wash down (where marks are not in spot locations, a full wall wash down will be required)

  • Deep cleaning ovens, deep cleaning cooktops
  • Carpet Cleaning/deodorising
  • Flea/pest treatments, pet fumigation
  • Louvers, shutters, blinds and curtains
  • Pressure cleaning of external balconies, decks, pathways and driveways
  • Downlights
  • Removing drawers to clean behind if accessible
  • Appliances – fridges, freezers, microwaves, washing machines and dryers etc.
  • Grout, silicone cleaning or replacement
  • Council waste, recycling or green bins
  • Balconies, balustrades or pool glass
  • Rubbish disposal


  • Ceilings
  • Brickwork walls (a rough vacuum may be possible)
  • Removing Blue-tac, hooks or anything stuck onto walls
  • Guaranteed removal of Mould
  • Anything outlined as an issue due to accessibility, hazard or the premise/items being considered non-standard as outlined in our Terms & Conditions.